Wood and Carbon Bike

Discover this unique Made in Italy handcrafted bike.

Because wood and carbon cores are the basic elements of the design, and because we put all our love for accuracy and our SOUL to realize every single Bike!


The wooden bike concept originated from an idea: why not exploiting experience on the composites processing and application to realize something new and appealing?

The original idea triggered our interest and curiosity to deepen our knowledge, pushing us to collect as many info as possible on available solutions; and yet, we finally realized that we could design something different than the “ traditional “wooden bike”: the design of a bike leveraging on the carbon material treatment capability mixed with the advantages offered by use of the wooden veneer.



Silvio Barbieri, an expert craftman with more than 30 years of experience working with wood and composite materials like carbon.

In this picture he is assembling the sporty model of Animus Bike.

Wood selection possible by end-Customer; mainly types in use are : Ash, Mahogany, Maple, Teak, Beech.

We deal with laminated, light thickness wood, interspersed with differently rolled fabric Carbon (unidirectional, biaxial, quadraxial ) and epoxy resin treatment, depending on the final flexibility to obtain. Final robustness is significantly better.
All our bicycles can be integrated with the electric motor positioned at the rear hub and this solution gives the bicycle a clean and elegant line.

The batteries are placed under the saddle in a convenient case.


Wood offering unique features: shock absorbing, damping vibrations, it is light, made by linear fibers;


Carbon structure presenting helical shaped fibers, perfectly fitting the wooden profile.

Riding Animus